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Special focus on empowering girls

60% of beneficiary base is adolescent girls and young women


Empowerment For Women & Girls

"50% of beneficiary base is young women and adolescent girls"

While 50% beneficiaries of the skill development initiatives of IGCSM are girls and young women, the organization also lays special focus on development and empowerment of women and adolescent girls. Two projects, have been undertaken, towards fulfilling this initiative. Though both these projects are in their elementary stages, they have benefitted around 500 girls and women already. IGCSM is now looking forward at strengthening this initiative with some needed support.

  • Microfinance and Microenterprise for women – In 2012-13 IGCSM launched this project with support from Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises. This involved establishment of 24 self help groups involving 240 women in different parts of the counrty. The project promoted, saving habits among women. It also trained them in microenterprises, while helping some of them to start group enterprises.

  • Sabala Scheme – IGCSM started this project, in order to train girls who have dropped out of school for various reasons, in alternate trades so that they can engage in meaningful livelihood. This project is supported by Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Delhi. Under this project, girls from anganwadis of Delhi, are trained in trades like cutting, tailoring, garment manufacturing, etc. So far, 150 girls have benefitted from this project.


Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, MSME, GOI
Department of Women and Child Development, GOI
Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Delhi

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Success Stories

  • One will normally find a serious look on Tanu’s face. But she has the most beautiful smile. And the best part is, her eyes smile at you too.

  • Ashish works as a computer operator in the Indian Army. He loves his job there and loves the whole atmosphere of extreme discipline, the most.

  • Amit works at an IGCSM training centre in New Delhi. He is a confident 20 years old, who shares the financial responsibility of their household,.

  • Prerana’s life was as ordinary as it could have been for a girl in her town. She went to school. Finished her 12th grade.

  • Though born to a farmer’s family, Rudra never wanted to be a farmer himself. His family and friends used to laugh at him back then.