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Basic Computer Education To

20,000 Children In 15 States


Computer Education for Children

"More than 20,000 children benefitted so far"

Computer literacy and IT education is going to become inevitable for posterity. Knowledge in computers, gives these children, an avenue to be introduced to a world that is far different from their own. And this exposure plays a very vital role in their all round development. Computer education from a young age also ensures reducing the existing gap, between, being educated an being employable.

IGCSM therefore focuses a lot on providing avenues to children in computer literacy and education. Through various training partners across the country, children in the age group of 12 years and above, are introduced to the world of IT education. At IGCSM, a special course has been developed for these children, to help them understand and learn the most basic, yet most important computer skills.

This special training course is offered to the beneficiaries through several training partners that IGCSM has. More than 20,000 children have benefitted from this initiative, so far.

In a glimpse

Success Stories

  • One will normally find a serious look on Tanu’s face. But she has the most beautiful smile. And the best part is, her eyes smile at you too.

  • Ashish works as a computer operator in the Indian Army. He loves his job there and loves the whole atmosphere of extreme discipline, the most.

  • Amit works at an IGCSM training centre in New Delhi. He is a confident 20 years old, who shares the financial responsibility of their household,.

  • Prerana’s life was as ordinary as it could have been for a girl in her town. She went to school. Finished her 12th grade.

  • Though born to a farmer’s family, Rudra never wanted to be a farmer himself. His family and friends used to laugh at him back then.